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VPI Prime Signature with Esoteric at RMAF 2017

Pictures of the Esoteric USA room by Leo Yeh

Growing up I remember going to the High-End Audio shows seeing a VPI Scoutmaster featured in the Esoteric USA rooms. The Esoteric room back then was always musically and visually impressive. I was proud they used a VPI as part of their system to demonstrate their electronics. Needless to say, we were honored by them using a VPI Prime Signature to help showcase their E-02 Balanced Phono Preamp and C-02X Linestage Preamp at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2017!

Their Phono is perfect for MC cartridges with low impedance with minimal noise interference. This is great for pairing with the Prime Signature with the mounted JMW 3D-10 Reference arm with Nordost Reference wire and Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. The Nordost wire really pulls out the information from the cartridge giving the listener an articulate, yet sweet sound-stage. The E-02 also has three types of inputs including XLR Balanced and a mono switch. Next time we will have to get them an Avenger with multiple arms to use all of those inputs!

Looking forward to many more showcases and listening experiences with Esoteric.

Full room component list:

  • VPI Prime Signature

  • Ortofon Cadezna Bronze.

  • Canton Reference 3K loudspeakers

  • Esoteric N-01 network audio player

  • Esoteric K-01X SACD/CD player/DAC

  • Esoteric G-01X master clock

  • Esoteric S-02 power amplifier

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