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Listening Event with Hi-Fi Sales

"It’s that time of year again when Hi-Fi Sales Company reaches out to our most innovative partners, and together we host an event just for you.

October 28th (last Saturday in October), from 11am to 5pm, will be a day of music reproduced with equipment that few audiophiles have heard before. Mat Weisfeld of VPI Turntable fame will be on hand to unveil a first of its kind product not shown anywhere before (shhh…it’s a surprise), and Hi-Fi Sales Company will be the first to introduce it. We’ll also be using the new VPI FATBOY 3D Reference Tonearm on our VPI TITAN flagship turntable.

Our partners from the gang at AudioPlus Services will be introducing a line of speakers that are famous the world over, and yet new to Hi-Fi Sales Company. In Two Channel Room #1, we will be driving the all new FOCAL SCALA UTOPIA EVO loudspeakers. In Two Channel Room #2, we will be driving the FOCAL SOPRA 2 loudspeakers with highly respected British manufacturer NAIM electronics, and the new VPI PRIME SIGNATURE Turntable. At the front of our showroom, we will be displaying the newest speakers from FOCAL called the KANTA. These just debuted at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest earlier this month, and the response has been fantastic. The KANTA’S will be paired with NAIM electronics and the VPI Cliffwood turntable for an experience that punches well above its weight class.

Of course, no Hi-Fi Sales Company event would be complete without some fantastic giveaways, and this one is no different. One lucky participant will win a new VPI Cliffwood Turntable (retail $900.00) and another will win the NAIM MUSO QB (retail $999.00) streaming table top music player. Additionally, we’ll have a brand new pressing of Robert Silverman’s new album to give away, which has been kindly provided by Ray Kimber of Kimber Cable fame. And, there’ll be some surprise industry vets dropping by who never miss our events when they’re in town. On top of that, you’ve got great food & refreshments along with the best clients in the world, all together in the finest showroom in the Metro Philadelphia territory. We think you’re in for a heck of a start to the Halloween weekend. So, come stuff your face with treats, watch some seriously cool tricks our partners pull out of their hats and, maybe win a devilishly cool toy."

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