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RMAF 2017 with Bob's Devices

You can always “Hear the Magic” of Bob's Devices at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Bob provides a fun, educations, and insightful music experience. More importantly, this year he brought the first production showing of the new VPI Prime Signature in Rosewood!

Bob Sattin, owner of Bob's Devices (you guessed it, he is "Bob") has always had a thing for our Rosewood tables! Above is an older picture of Bob with our first Rosewood table, the Classic 4! It was only fitting that Bob would be sporting the new curvy Prime Signature in this same finish!

Bob was in the Marketplace demonstrating his Step-Up Transformers with the new VPI Industries Prime Signature Rosewood Turntable, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cartridge and an LKV Research 2-SB phono stage. The LKV phonos, besides also being made in America, have been a usual and synergistic pairing with all VPI tables! Bob's Step-Up is a great accessory for any VPI customer who has a low output cartridge that needs that extra kick.

In addition Bob displayed, and sells, a number of High-End headphones to give the show attendees a chance to immerse themselves into the listening experience. If you missed Bob at RMAF, Capital Audio-fest is right around the corner! Bob will be there in full force with another Prime Signature in Rosewood.

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