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Party with DSA at CAF 2017

Don't miss the party at Capital Audiofest in the Adams room!

Saturday Night at 6:30- 8 pm only Adams Room Hosted by DSA, VPI, Studio Electric and Tweek Geek Snacks and beverages Nate Lennox of Analogue Productions will bring a sample of the company’s newest releases on Lp and Digital File/

VPI Industries Avenger Magnetic Drive with three tonearms Miyajima Madake/Zero Mono Phono Cartridges Ortofon A95/Cadenza Mono Phono Cartridges Dynamic Sounds Associates: Phono II Phono Preamp Pre I Linestage Preamplifier Amp I mono block power amplifiers

Auralic Aries wireless streamer w SBooster power supply Aqua Hifi Formula DAC Tweek Geek Dark Matter Power Purifier Stein Harmonizer Room Treatments Tweek Geek Interconnects, Speaker Wire, “Dark Energy” power cord Studio Electric FSX floor standing 3-way loudspeakers Kanso Audio Furniture: Hamoni equipment stand Heavy-duty amp stands

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