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A Touch of Vintage CAF 2017

With our usual strong presence at CAF 2017, the first room worth mentioning was with Joseph Audio. VPI is no stranger to Joseph Audio and has played music at many trade shows, events, and customer's homes. However, this year Jeff took a "vintage approach" using much older/discontinued products from both his and the VPI line. This was a refreshing approach because while most companies (including ourselves) feature and showcase what is new, it is nice to take a breath and see where a company comes from.

Whether it was planned or not, Joseph Audio showed it's long heritage as a company by showcasing speakers that were nearly as old as me with a model of the VPI Classic 3 that is also numerous years old and has seen more than it's fair share of Audio shows. Powered by Doshi Audio and Bel Canto Audio, the room had a nice cross section of all types of music in all formats. While we were there were upgraded Jeff's table to the JMW 3D-10 tonearm. Always a nice reminder that all VPI's no matter the age can handle current day upgrades. The only thing we were missing for this room was the "Mad Men" smoking jackets!

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