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Juwaan Bellamy Joins the VPI Family!

Hello, My Name is Juwaan Bellamy. I am one of the newest on board at VPI industries! Writing and literature have always been a passion of mine; so, I jumped at the opportunity to work for VPI. I’d like to start off by extending a warm welcome to all of the dealers, distributors, and customers that we work with daily! I look forward to meeting and interacting with you on our quest to finding the perfect sound. As time progresses, I will be interviewing and reporting at different events as well. I am new to the Audiophile world; so, I am very excited to learn the anatomy of each turntable and the history of vinyl music. With my aspiration to become a journalist, I will be helping to write the blogs, newsletter, and emails with our office manager, Marc Boyle!

My Backstory

If I could choose any word to describe my life, I would choose greatness. I attended Matawan Regional High School; and, I was blessed to go to three state football championships, to never lose a track meet, and even win a gold medal for high jump in the Junior Olympics. After Graduation, I set my sights on the University of New Haven in Connecticut. I studied in New Haven for a year before transferring, with an academic scholarship, to Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. At the time, my goal was to play football; so, I joined the team as a walk on. We lost our first four games and I quickly ran back to the track life. Another year went by, and I was able to receive my associate’s degree in communications.

In 2015, I moved across the country to Tacoma, Washington, so I could play semi-pro football for the Puyallup Nation Kings. We had a very successful football season that year but I just didn’t feel at home. I’ve been a Cliffwood native for over twenty years, so the wild Washington lifestyle wasn’t really my cup of tea. I moved back to Matawan, New Jersey after two seasons and eventually started writing music as a hobby with some of my friends. I’ve been a music advocate all my life; so, I instantly feel in love with the culture. A few years passed by and I found VPI. They welcomed me with open arms from the initial interview. I started off at VPI in the manufacturing line assembling our luxurious Prime turntables and was moved into our office setting a few weeks later.

“If you want to succeed, you should strike out new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”

- John D. Rockefeller

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