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Pureaudio Project 5th Anniversary at the VPI House

We are happy to invite you to join us on our:

5th Anniversary Event (and the official launch of our Classic15) on August 16th for "Dinner with the Designer" from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

and the 17th for "All Day Listening, from 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM at VPI House 428 Morristown Rd. Old Bridge, New Jersey 07721

About the Event and VPI House

Harry and Mat Weisfeld are not only VPI Founder and President, they are also owners of various configurations of PureAudioProject Quintet15 and Trio15 speakers. Celebrating our 5th Anniversary Event at the VPI House is a great honor and we thank them for making it happen ! Here is a short list of what we will be experiencing at the event:

  • 4 fully equipped listening rooms with Classic15, Quintet15, Quintet10 and Trio10, configured with PAP-Horn1, Voxativ AC-1.6, AC-PiFe and AC-X2 Field Coil drivers

  • Variety of amplifiers, from low power SE tube to top-end Class-A amps, incl. the PassLabs XA-160.8 monoblocks

  • Variety of VPI turntables with different arms and cartridges

  • Wide variety of great music and various genres

  • Outdoor barbeque all along the event, starting at 11:30am

  • Private dinner (on Aug. 16th evening) with the designers of PureAudioProject and VPI Industries. For more details about the dinner and booking please contact us by email to

About the Classic15

  • The Classic15 is PureAudioProject new “ready out of the box" speaker that is an implementation of the highly raved Trio15 Voxativ, in a new and unique Open Baffle design.

  • The Classic15 comes in two configurations; with Voxativ AC-1.6 or the wooden cone AC-PiFe full range drivers

  • Both models feat. our series first order 'Leonidas' Crossovers

  • With sensitivity of 96db and it's sonic finesse, the Classic15 is a match with high-end solid-state, Class-A amps, as well as low power tube amps

“I was just at the Axpona show and really, really loved your speakers. In fact yours was the first room we went into and kept comparing every other speaker to yours. Came back at the end for another listen and still felt the same way, pretty astounding actually." Visitor at Axpona., Bob S

"It had all that I have come to expect from world-class 2A3 SET amplifiers and great open-baffle speakers. The balance from the very deep bass to the top-end was impressive.... PureAudioProject is to be commended for how well they have integrated the OB-A15Neo 15-inch bass drivers with the Voxativ full-range driver.", Audio Beatnik, Three of the Best Sound Rooms at California Audio Show 2019

Special 5th Anniversary Pre-Order Offer to Trio15 Owners

The New Classic15 Body Only*

Special Pre-Order Price:

  • Shipped n the US: $2,490

  • Shipped in the EU: EUR2,490 (incl. 19% German VAT)

  • Shipped to ROW: US$2,690 (excl. VAT and import duties)

(*) - planned shipping: September / October

Just like we always do, also with the Classic15 our strategy is to provide our existing customers, who we appreciate a lot, a simple and straight forward upgrade path. This special pre-order offer is just about that. If you are an owner of our Trio15 Voxativ, you can now upgrade your set to Classic15; all audio components stay the same.

We want to have you with us and therefore:

Any purchase of our Trio15 or Quintet15 speakers during the event will grant you a special EVENT DISCOUNT of 10%... this sum might cover not only your flight ticket but also the hotel ! Hope to have you all with us on our 5th Anniversary Event

The Event will also be featuring VPI's 40th Anniversary HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable with a selection of other electronics and and components.

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