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RMAF 2019 - PS Audio Press Release

At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019, PS Audio will present our latest state-of-the-art components in the Homestead 2 room at the new Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center. The demo system will feature the final pre-production prototypes of the PS Audio AN3 speakers. The configuration and driver complement of the AN3 have been completely revised from the prototype shown at Axpona earlier this year. In the latest iteration, all drivers, crossovers, DSP, crossover and amplification were designed by Chris Brunhaver, Senior Loudspeaker Design Engineer at PS, and are custom-built exclusively for PS. The AN3 features coaxial planar magnetic midrange and tweeter drivers, bespoke midbass coupler and woofer/subwoofer drivers with massive magnet assemblies and state-of-the-art inert cone assemblies,with the subwoofer driven by a built-in 700-watt amplifier. Our own DSP program aids installation in any room. The cabinet has been divided into two assemblies (mid/tweeter and midbass/sub-bass/amp/DSP) for ease of shipping and assembly. MSRP of the AN3 has yet to be determined, but we expect the $15-20k range. The AN series is based upon the work of our friend and mentor Arnie Nudell, and will eventually include 3 models. The AN3 will be the smallest and least expensive, followed by the AN2 and AN1. The AN1 will be a massive line-source loudspeaker designed as the ultimate expression of Arnie's work, and a fitting replacement for and successor to the Infinity IRS Vs, which have served as our reference loudspeakers for years. There will also be three models of Stellar loudspeakers, designed to emulate the sound quality of the AN series, at lower price-points. Lead designer Chris Brunhaver will be present to answer questions regarding the AN3s and other upcoming speakers. We'll also be playing records through the new Stellar Phono Preamp. Lead designer, Senior Analog Engineer Darren Myers will be on hand to answer questions about the unit, which features all discrete FET circuitry, passive RIAA equalization, a massive power supply, and variable loading for moving coil cartridges.

Here's the complete RMAF demo system: Paul McGowan's hand-tweaked Mac Mini as digital source PS Audio DirectStream DAC (US MSRP $5999) PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp (US MSRP $2499) PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier (US MSRP $5999) PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Mono Amplifiers, x 2 (US MSRP $7499 each) PS Audio P20 Power Plant Regenerators x 2 (US MSRP $9999 each) PS Audio P15 Power Plant Regenerator (US MSRP $7499) PS Audio AN3 loudspeakers (Final pre-production prototypes, US MSRP TBD) VPI HW-40 turntable (US MSRP $14,999) Miscellaneous PS Audio Power cords

Link to hi-res photos of PS Audio products, including the Stellar Phono Preamp: Hi-res photos of the AN3 prototypes are not available---sorry. A variety of other PS Audio gear will be on static display: Sprout100 integrated amplifier(US MSRP $599) DirectStream DAC (US MSRP $5999) Stellar Gain Cell DAC/preamplifier (US MSRP $1699) Stellar Phono Preamp (US MSRP $2499) Stellar M700 mono amplifiers (US MSRP $2998/pair) BHK Signature Preamplifier (US MSRP $5999) BHK Signature 250 Stereo Amplifier (US MSRP $7499) Stellar P3 PowerPlant (US MSRP $2199) P12 PowerPlant regenerator (US MSRP $4999) P15 PowerPlant regenerator (US MSRP $7499) P20 PowerPlant regenerator (US MSRP $9999) Obsidian Ted Smith Signature DAC (Prototype, US MSRP TBD) AN3 loudspeaker (Final pre-production prototype, US MSRP TBD)

Decidedly not static: PS Audio Founder and CEO Paul McGowan will be answering questions in a live Ask Paul session, Friday at 11:45 AM in the seminar room, Colorado Ballroom C. Attendees will be able to submit audio-related questions to Paul, just as in his popular YouTube Ask Paul series---only live, and in person. Also not static:analog guru Michael Fremer will be spinning some very special discs right in our room, using the new Stellar Phono Preamp and a VPI HW-40turntable: Friday and Saturday at 2;30 PM, and Sunday at 11:00 AM.

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