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VPI House Event - IsoAcoustics, Merrill Audio, Focal

Time for another event at the VPI House! Come enjoy talking to the designers, seeing Demos, doing Direct Comparisons.

Giveaways, Show Specials and more – meet the people, talk the talk!

  • Friday September 27th 6 to 9pm Dinner and tech talk with the designers.

  • Saturday September 28th 12 to 5pm. Listening sessions, New York Audiophile meeting and invited guests.

  • Sunday September 29th 12 to 5pm. Listening sessions, Regional audiophile Societies and invited guests.

Show Specials pricing for all products when purchased at this event.


  • David Morrison – Founder of IsoAcoustics

  • Merrill Wettasinghe – Founder of Merrill Audio

  • Chris Shaw – Focal Product Specialist

  • Larry Borden – President of Distinctive Stereo

Merrill Audio and IsoAcoustics are excited to announce this upcoming event at the VPI House in Matawan, NJ.Hear the IsoAcoustics GAIA live A/B demo and talk to the founder, Dave Morrison.Meet Merrill Wettasinghe and hear the exciting, new ELEMENT series of amplifiers using the newest technology Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors, and experience the Focal Kanta with product specialist Chris Shaw. This “mini show” presents the best of the best with a large variety of equipment. Come hear and compare what makes an audio system amazing. IsoAcoustics just received the EISA Best Product Award for HiFi Upgrade in Berlin, Germany this month, as voted by 21 international HiFi publications. Merrill Audio has received just received the Blue Note Award, Brutus Award and the Best 100 components in the last 20 years by Hifi Plus. Lunch and drinks will be served on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be 5 rooms with equipment from Merrill audio, Isoacoustics and Focal. Products presented: From IsoAcoustics – GAIA, GAIA-Titan, Carpet Disks, OREA, DELOS, Aperta. Merrill Audio – ELEMENT 118 Monoblocks, ELEMENT 116 Monoblocks, ELEMENT 114 Monoblocks, Christine Preamplifier, Jens Phono stage, PURE Tape Head Preamp. Focal – Kanta N2 and Supra N2 Speakers.

For Info and RSVP email: or

Directions and Parking


428 Morristown Rd,Matawan, NJ 07747 Garden Parkway Exit 120 for both North and South Bound. Right on Matawan Road Right Morristown Road. You will pass by parking possibilities at this corner. 0.4 miles or 0.6km to the house.


There is limited parking.

  1. Driveway. Keep to one side as close as you can to the curb.

  2. Street. Up and down the street. This is a very active street. Please be careful.

  3. Neighborhood street. A little further up on your left is a quiet street with plenty of parking and a short walk. It is also not a main thoroughfare.

  4. Shopping mall. On the Cross Street of Morristown Road and Matawan Road is a shopping center with plenty of parking. This is a 8 min walk to the house, plus you can stop at Ono the Korean Restaurant and try their delicious Mocha or Honey Dew Melon Bubble Tea.

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