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A Boy and His Frog... Van den Hul Frog!

Going through one of the rooms and clearing through old trinkets and toys I came across this little guy. This was one of 2 frogs that I had when I was a little. This is a story about his missing counter part.

Many years ago at the New York show my mom and dad, Sheila and Harry, were showing one of the TNT models using a Van den Hul Frog. While the cartridge was in use my mom gave me a box and a toy frog to play with.

I enjoyed the show and this was probably one of the first time I met many people in the industry,. When I wasn't playing with the toy frog he was safely in his box while I enjoyed the music and being with my parents. I had him hidden in the corner so he was safe.

I went back to play with my green companion to find someone had taken him. I couldn't understand why someone would want to steel my frog! I knew somewhere out there was the monster who took it. I didn't understand that the person was after the Vanden Hul Frog box rather than the toy frog inside of it. The guy who stole the box must have been surprised when he opened it to find an actual toy frog rather than a cartridge!

Pretty exciting to be the grownup version of that boy and his frog and to now have the opportunity to work with Van den Hul and play with an entirely different frog!

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