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RMAF 2016 Rogers High Fidelity

As an American Made company we have a major appreciation for fellow American Made companies. One of our favorite American Made companies is Roger’s High Fidelity. Run by chief engineer and designer Roger Gibboni, a former communications and radar equipment engineer with the Department of Defense and NASA, to name a few. Roger’s makes tube equipment that synergies with a VPI to create a warm sweet sound that wraps around you during your listening experience. That and their equipment, especially the 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier, is built like a tank!

We were very excited to yet again make music with Rogers at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest. Top all of that off with the sound of Focal speakers and you have a rock solid high-end system from head to toe! We were unable to listen because the times we swung by the room was packed and we couldn’t get beyond the door, but I’ll take that as a good sign that the room was swinging! Armed with a VPI Avenger Reference, Roger’s has the only Avenger in the world with a specially printed 3D arm in red. We had hoped to match Roger’s gear color exactly but we were still working on our pallet when it was first printed.

Special thanks to Myles from Audio Nirvana. Without his attendance and shots from the show we wouldn’t have had all of these fantastic pictures. Make sure to check out his forum to read more about his take both on Rocky Mountain and other audio shows.

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