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VPI at CES 2017

CES is upon us and we want to make sure everyone knows where to go to see VPI turntables!

- VPI Player with Master Dynamic in Suite 29-105

- VPI Player with Riva Nation at the Westgate Hotel - East Tower - Suite 2976

- VPI Player with KEF America in Suite 29-210

- VPI / Shinola Runwell with Roger's High Fidelity in Suite 29-124

- VPI Prime Signature with Increcable Acoustics, Joseph Audio, and LKV Research in Suite 29-137

- VPI Avenger Plus with Audio Technica USA in Suite 29-236

- VPI Avenger with Roger's High Fidelity in Suite 29-124

- Something "NEW" with Mark Levinson in Suite 30-101 and the Hard Rock

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