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Arriving and Traveling in Munich

I still have more Axpona and Montreal posts but we have to take a quick break for Munich. Jane and I arrived yesterday without a problem and only slightly jetlagged! This year we came a bit early so we could enjoy something besides the inside of a convention center. First we had to make sure our precious cargo survived the trip!

We usually bring record-mats for Munich to share with others. This year we thought it would be great to partner with our friends from Hifi Pig and go pink! Personally I'm loving the color. Make sure you find Stuart and Linettet and grab yours while can.

Another packed item, our non-production prototype JMW Titan (AKA Fat Boy) tonearm. Let me tell you, explaining to airport security that this plays records was rather difficult! This tonearm is a high-end "under development" tonearm we have been working on and will be officially available later this year. We brought it with us and are ready to share and talk more about it! But lets talk about something a bit lighter...

Jane and I hit to the the historical streets of Munich! Starting with a tour of the highlights of Munich we continued with a castle tour of King Ludwig II's life. For all the DIY designers who never finish a project, Ludwig takes the cake! He started but never finished 4 castles some of which cost in the range of 60 million Euros. Makes me feel a lot better about all of the tonearms my dad started but didn't finish!

In one of the villages they put Jane to work. I was starting to worry Jane would give up her career in VPI to become a metal smith in Bavaria! It was great to see dedicated craftsman who were eager to show something new to a visitor.

After almost 6 years of international traveling we have never seen anything besides the inside of an audio showroom. This trip it was our goal to break the mold and get a taste of the outside world. We recommend doing this to all fellow manufacturers, dealers, and music lovers.

Fun escape, but now back to work! Stay tuned for more on our Munich travels.

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