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Vitus and the Titan of Munich

There is a Titan at Munich and no, we aren't talking about Hans-Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio, though he certainly is one! For the first time the VPI Titan will be on live display at the Munich Hifi show in Atrium 4.2 room E208.

Vitus Audio (AVA Group A/S) room at the High End Munich 2017 show is ready!

The new Vitus Audio (AVA Group A/S) SM-103 mono amps on Franc Audio Accessories Wood Block Platforms, combined with Göbel High End - Patented Loudspeakers & Cables made in Germany speakers, hooked up with Purist Audio Design cables.

Analogue source, our VPI Industries Titan, a mighty turntable, with one tonearm from Acoustical Systems and one from VPI Industries. Cartridges from Acoustical Systems and Shelter (JP).

Once again showing the diversity of a VPI Turntable in its ability to mount multiple arms of different brands.

Digital source, the Media One from Alluxity by AVM TEC Analogue and Digital sources cabled with Purist Audio Design and installed on racks

The room has been effectively treated by RW Acoustics

We would like to thank : Hans-Ole Vitus from Vitus Audio (AVA Group A/S) , Alexander Vitus Mogensen from Alluxity by AVM TEC, Oliver Göbel from Göbel High End - Patented Loudspeakers & Cables made in Germany, Kimberly Stahl from Purist Audio Design, Juljen Faganelj from RW Acoustics, Paweł Franc Skulimowski from Franc Audio Accessories and Manuel Lopes from Connaisseur-av for setting up a great cooperation. It's a true joy to have a team that understands teamwork ! :-)

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