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VPI Dealer Certification 2018

We are very proud and excited for another successful and educational VPI Dealer Training. It is important to work with and support our dealership to help them bring their best to VPI customer. The event was a 3-day training which involved meeting the VPI team and seeing them at a normal day of work in the factory. The first night is also when we have our traditional meal at Harold’s for some of the best Corn beef in Jersey!

The second day is a classroom setting where the dealer learn how to build and upgrade a VPI turntable. We also give common customer service scenarios with suggested solutions. In addition we share what we feel is important and note worthy about being part of the VPI family and helping to play music everywhere.

This year the Dealers built a Prime Scout and upgraded all the components form the feet, platter, tonearm and more. In addition, they learned more about VPI electronics, how they are made, and how to service them properly. Dealers also had a chance to take a closer look at the new VPI Fatboy tonearm and how it can be an easy upgrade for all VPI turntables.

The third and last day of training is a full listening session where Dealers can hear and experience VPI products on a musical level. There are a lot of young listeners/dealers who have never experienced a properly set up system. More importantly, hasn't been faced with ways to improve upon and utilize the room and equipment they have. (Yes, we plan to release a post on room tips to optimize your system).

We are very proud of the following dealers on their completion of VPI 2018 Dealer Certification!

Sandwich and baby are presented for scale!

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