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The HW-40 Has Landed in Munich

Debuting on the international stage, the HW-40 will launch at the Munich High End Show this weekend! This also celebrates the HW-40 shipping to Distributors world wide!

The cutting edge of both turntable and tonearm design. The HW-40 is reminiscent of the VPI Heritage of the original HW-9 Isolation Base created by VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld. The base was originally designed to house the Denon Direct Drive motor as well as Lustre GST 801 Tonearm. 40 years in the making, VPI shows the evolution of engineering and technology through the ages with their own Direct Drive motor and 3D printed Fatboy Tonearm.

Hear the award winning VPI 40th Anniversary HW-40 at the High End Society Show, Munich MOC 5/9 - 5/12. Also have a chance to meet VPI president Mat Weisfeld and VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld!

(Halle 4) Atrium 4, Room E114 with:

Atrium 4, 1st floor up, suite F109 with:

MIT Cables and Martin Logan will collaborate with others at the 2019 Munich High-End Society show!

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