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VPI HW-40 with Martin Logan, Pass Labs, MIT, and EMMLabs at Munich 2019

I was one of the lucky children growing up who knew and listened to the sound of “electrostat” speakers. My family would gather together and listen to that sound through my dad’s “system”. Those speakers were Martin Logan and were on the short list of speakers I wasn’t able to damage as a child.

When deciding which speakers/system the HW-40 Anniversary Direct Drive turntable should be paired with, Martin Logan was one of the first to come to mind! This idea started while listening to those same original Martin Logan Speakers at the VPI Listening House. Thanks to the help of Martin Logan’s German Distributor Audio Components as well as a bit of help from VPI’s UK distributor Renaissance Audio, the sonic dream team came together!

Powered by Pass Labs Electronics as well MIT Cable, and the Martin Logan Neolith at the end of the chain the system was delivering some of the cleanest and transparent notes. VPI founder Harry Weisfeld was thrilled to spin some vinyl with Martin Logan Icon Dennis Chern. An extra treat was the selection of music Harry brought from his personal collection including an extremely rare pressing of Peter, Paul, and Marry.

Admittedly, there weren’t as many demos as planned. Since this was Harry’s first time in Munich in the history of the company it was very quickly pulled (distracted) from his DJ post!

During the demonstrations Harry was able to show the isolation of the HW-40 by knocking on the table top with no transfer of noise into the system. Harry also demonstrated the HW-40’s speed stability by physically touching the turntable platter while it was playing! The HW-40’s motor control keeps speed locked in at 33 1/3 and 45 RPM regardless of physical resistance.

When we weren’t spinning vinyl, you were able to hear some great digital thanks to our friends over at EMMLabs.

As one of the first international showings/demos of the HW-40 we couldn’t have been happier or prouder of the music and performance from the Martin Logan, Pall Labs, and MIT Cable combination. A combination we hope to see more of for future demos! We are also having serious conversations about getting more of these components on active demo at the VPI House.

Thanks to all those who came by the room for a listen!

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