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VPI Prime with IsoAcoustics, Naim, and Focal at Munich 2019

Dave Morrison has done something truly amazing at IsoAcoustics! He has created an isolation product that works and has the numbers/math and sound to prove it.

This year we were honored to have a VPI Prime Signature as part of that demo with Focal Speakers and Naim Audio electronics. Having two pairs of identical Focal speakers, the demonstration switches between one pair that has standard stock spike and another pair with IsoAcoustic feet. Both speakers have the same cable, and are connected into the same electronics. The two sources are the same being either the digital front end of the Naim electronics or the analog front-end from our Prime Signature.

We first came into the room on set-up day to help calibrate the turntable while fighting off Jet-lag. Full disclosure, we had no urge to listen to music or any demos having just gotten in from the flight from Jersey to Munich. However, Dave was so enthusiastic and proud that his excitement was contagious! We couldn’t resist giving the table a spin and experiencing the demo. Isoacoustic employee Sean breaks out the Pink Floyd and throws it on the Prime Signature. The needle hits the record and the standard spiked Focal speaker starts to sing.

A few moments later Dave flips the switch to the Focal speaker with his isolation feet and immediately the room opened up! No even a second, we could hear the improved dynamics, expanded sound-stage, and cleaner detail. The track played and feet started to tap. Dave switched back to the Focal speaker with standard feet and immediately the sound-stage collapsed! To be fair, the placement of each speaker were slightly different and could have a minor contribution.

Once again it was a pleasure having VPI partnered up with quality products and a team that cares just as much about sonic performance as we do! Looking forward to seeing more of these types of demos on the road and at our own VPI Listening House back in Jersey!

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