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Overdue Posting

Hey everyone, we are long overdue for a bunch of posts! Blog posts about Munich, Axpona, and our recent event at the VPI House! It has been extra busy with our continued growth and expansion and the continued 40th Anniversary celebration! The good news is a lot of those 40th Anniversary celebration perks are about to be unveiled/available including the HW-40 feet being available as an upgrade for all VPI turntables.

In addition, the VPI Book covering the history of VPI over the past 40 years will soon be available! Soon you will be able to learn more about how VPI started and the journey it went on to become the company it is today. We are also proud of all the additional VPI staff members/family who have joined the crew. Check back soon to read more about our experience at Axpona, Munich and more! Also if you are located in Thailand, Vietnam, or Hong Kong don't miss your chance to meet Mat Weisfeld (that's me!) and have a live demo of our HW-40 Direct Drive turntable.

In the mean time please feel free to reach out to us via email, and schedule a time to come by the VPI listening house and enjoy some music with us!

And don't forget, if someone is selling a turntable for $160,000 with no tonearm and are using a Technics motor ($20,000 turntable WITH arm) they are full of it :)

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