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VPI Asia Tour 2019

One of the exciting parts of VPI is traveling to meet with and visit VPI partners/distributors. For most manufactures in the high-end industry there is an “Asia Tour” around this time of year due to the scheduling of multiple shows around Asia at the same time. The schedule VPI tries to keep is the Malaysian, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Show while visiting other countries in between for mini events. Last year we missed the whole tour due to the addition to our family (Shyla being born) and this year we condensed the trip since dragging a 17 month old around Asia is never a great idea and I didn’t want to be gone too long.

This year the Thailand and Hong Kong show were selected since they were one weekend apart and a visit to our Japanese and Vietnamese distributors were scheduled in between. The Malaysian and Taiwan Show are still on but minus having someone from VPI out there for this year (shooting for next year we still love you guys also!) This year was also important being our 40th Anniversary year and wanting to get ourselves and the HW-40 Limited Anniversary Direct drive table out in front of as many people as possible.

To organize and give each country the proper attention they deserve, I’m going to break up each visit into their own post so we can dig deeper in what has been happening in Asia. Also a welcome treat is being able to meet international VPI owners and music enthusiast while having a chance to listen to equipment we don't usually have a chance to demo. From bombings, to riots, to musical bliss... this trip had more packed in than an action movie!

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