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RMAF 2019 - VPI, Audio Technica, Alta Audio, Krell, and ZenSati

It is that time of year again to pack up your things fend off the cold weather and fly out for the best fest! When listening to great music you have to have great partners and this year VPI is teaming up with their friends at Alta Audio,

Alta Audio will feature a feature a sneak peek at its new Alec, a new standard in top-end performance in small-to-midsize rooms. The two-way Alec, which will ship in September, achieves imaging that is natural and sonically accurate, performing at a level that is comparable to speakers that cost twice as much.

Also from Alta will be the Celesta FRM-2M, an update of its acclaimed full-range monitor, with engineering that features an advanced-technology design housed in an ultra-hard, ultra-high gloss polyester finished cabinet with both modern and retro design elements, including upgraded cabling, new conductors and capacitors, a new magnetic grille, and next-level DampHard material that helps to create an acoustically dead, resonance-free speaker.

Krell Audio will demonstrate the Illusion II preamplifier and Duo 300 XD two-channel 300-watt power amplifier. The Illusion II is Krell’s centerpiece for a world-class stereo system, featuring a dual monaural design with the left and right channels afforded their own power supply regulation and individual circuit boards.

The Duo 300 XD features Krell Class A Bias Technology, a patent-pending circuit that delivers Class A operation without the excessive heat and wasted energy of conventional designs, resulting in sonics that are open and unconstrained. Also, on hand will be Krell’s k300i integrated amp in a static display.

VPI Industries will showcase its 40th anniversary HW-40, a new direct-drive turntable that features updated direct-drive motor technology, incorporating advances in motion control and materials technologies. Complementing the HW-40 will be Audio-Technica’s AT-ART1000 moving-coil phono cartridge and the AT-SUT1000 MC step-up transformer. The company will also present its flagship ATH-ADX5000 open-air headphones and ATH-AP2000Ti audiophile headphones. (a model that VPI owner Mat Weisfeld personally uses while gaming when not making turntables!)

Yes, VPI CEO Shyla will be in attendance to make sure the room is properly set-up and calibrated.

Rounding out the room will be ZenSati’s Zorro series of cables, designed to let electrons work freely in insulation surrounded by pure air, with no PVC materials, allowing signals to flow intact over long distances.

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