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RMAF 2019 - Listen Up with VPI, Audio Technica, Classe Sigma, Moon, Audioquest and more!

Make sure to swing by Room 6105 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest to hear the HW-40 Anniversary Turntable with our dealer/partner Listen-Up. They will have Classe Sigma 2200i integrated, the 40th Anniversary Focal Spectral’s MOON 610lp and more!

Moon gear has always been a VPI paired favorite and electronics that are always ready for demo at the VPI House.

Other items in the room may include a pair of B&W 804D3’s and a pair of REL subs! But you will have to stop by the room to find out for sure. The HW-40 will be mounted the Audio Technica Art-1000.

On the digital side, they will be running the NEW Roon Nucleus. Cable and power distribution will all be Audioquest.

See you all out in Denver!

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