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VPI Asia Tour 2019 - What Hi-Fi Thailand Show

I returned for my second appearance at the Thailand High-Fi Show! This show is hosted, owned and run by What Hi-Fi Thailand. I have a major appreciation for the show owners since they two are a father-son second generation pair. What Hi-Fi Son Tony has done a fantastic job of paving his own way in the industry and creating a great show for the Thailand public.

The show itself isn’t the largest yet but is clearly growing each year and already worth repeat attendance. I’m often asked by other manufactures if the show is worth going to since on the surface it might seem like it doesn’t have the best attendance. Essentially it is a quality as well as quantity. The people who come and attend the What Hi-Fi show are truly excited and enthusiastic to be there! There are great opportunities for international attendees to learn more about each manufacturer and distributor bringing in the product. Our Thailand Distributor/Partner Audio Excellence, run by longtime VPI friend Wuti Larnroongroj, always has a greats a welcoming and state-of-the art presentation for all visitors.

As a manufacturer I knew I was talking to people who were true audiophiles and were ready to dive in deeper or for the first time in the audiophile world. During the show I spoke to two people who bought HW-40 turntables and one person who bought a Prime Signature.

The girls working the table for my distributor were constantly selling records and all vendors had an impressive selection of software to look through and potentially buy.

For me, I love seeing new products that I wouldn’t otherwise see at the US shows. Every room/exhibitor was excited to be there and share music with the attendees. The What Hi-Fi show is on my short list of events to visit every year!

The Audio Excellence Room

We were featuring our VPI HW-40 with a Lyra cartridge but as exciting (if not more) was the launch of the Genesis - VPI “Record Player”. Gary Koh has been a partner and friend both in and out of the industry. We first met Gary at our factory a few years back and had the most pleasant time and experience together. We had a mutual appreciation for each other’s products and it was the start of many musical collaborations and events. When Gary made the decision to dive (technically back) in the turntable world we were honored to work with him.

The Genesis Record Player uses a motor that is the “Big Brother” to the HW-40 Direct Drive. Gary has combined our Direct Drive engineering with his material science study for further advancement in isolation and stability. In addition, Gary sells the Record Player as a complete system with his own phono stage, and power supply.

The rest of the components consisted of:

During the show there were multiple presentation with myself, Gary, Ying Tang, and many others to share their craft with the attendees of the What Hi-Fi Thailand show. As mentioned before, outside of the room was the Audio Excellence Team helping customers and selling vinyl!

Even though I'm the turntable guy, the Ampex ATR 102 was one heck of a treat to listen especially since we have one in our own show room. Harry Belinfanti's Jamaica Farewell came on and I was grabbing people right from the hallway to come enjoy the experience.

I am already excited and ready to plan next years event to return to Bang Kong Thailand for the next What Hi-Fi Thailand Show!

Until next time!

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