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We are living in very difficult and interesting times! This was not the 2020 I was expecting but this is the 2020 we have been given. Due to the current events we are taking every measure possible to help everyone get through these tough times. We have arranged staff members who are at risk to work from home. We have taken all CDC measures in the factory to keep safe and healthy. This email is to inform you of the plans we have and how things are looking at VPI.

At this moment we have not had any breakdown in our supply and are still able to produce all current products.

As a company we will stay open and continue shipping product as long as possible. Should we be forced to close or if FedEx/UPS stops picking up than we will be unable to provide product.

The new Weisline by Nordost is now available.

We are providing demo/sale items on our site to help during the economic times for most customers.

We plan to continue having live streams and “E-Events” at our factory and VPI House to help keep the party and music going from the safety of everyone’s home.

To help support both the customers and dealership we have launched our site. The site was planned to be launched by 3rd quarter with a proper “Dealer and Customer Portal” and other functions. We have launched it ahead of schedule to help support the dealerships that have customers but are being forced to close and have no ability to have their customers in their store or have the ability to receive VPI shipments.

If you have customers who are interested in VPI but are unable to work with them due to the situation they may let them reach out to us on their behalf. If the store is unable to receive shipments but the customer is willing to take delivery, VPI can drop ship the product to the customer’s house and even provide cartridge setup for any cartridges we have available at our factory (listed on our site).

Again, this system isn’t perfect, but we are not living in perfect times. We want to do our best to support our everyone in the VPI family and those who wish to join the VPI family. We all have to help each other out to get through the other side of this. Feel free to email or reach out with any questions or concerns. Wash your hands, listen to more music, and be safe.

Mat Weisfeld

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