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Kicking off Montreal

The first day of the Montreal show kicked off just as one would expect... lots and lots of snow! But that do not phase the good people of Quebec in the least, I guess they are used to it. Instead to our surprise we found a show that was filled with smiling faces ready to explore the different rooms and enjoy music. The first important fact to point out is that technically this is the Show's first year. The Montreal show has been around for many years but this is the first one after last year's vindication. As most are aware the Montreal show Almost vanished due to a last minute cancellation before Sarah and Michelle jumped in to save it. One could say last year's success was the industry coming together as a family, but would it really catch on? This year really identified if this show was going to have the chops to stand out and regain the industry's confidence. Snow or no snow the people showed up to be part of the experience.

It was exciting to have more VPI products on display this year and to see the increased interest in our brand in Canada. This can be attributed to our refinement/improved brand identity in the product line, VPI attending the shows, and having Bleu Stereo as our VPI rep. This is Bleu Stereo's first show representing the VPI line and the positive reactions was fantastic!

Bleu Stereo is run by Dany Poulin who originally was a VPI champion at a Montreal dealership. Dany wanted to take his dedication and passion to the audio industry a step further. We will post more on Dany and his room later, but we loved his music selection for the show.

Rafe and Harry

Initially we had planned to bring an Avenger Reference for the "big room" which was paired with Joseph Audio speakers, Transparent Cables, and electronics from Sim Audio (cartridges as well but more on that later!). However, after some requests and ideas to shoot for the moon, we brought the VPI Titan with us. Now it is up to you on whether you want to consider the Titan to be the turntable or VPI founder and designer Harry Weisfeld! We had such a great time last year and talked up the Montreal show so much that Harry decided to join on this adventure and see Montreal first hand. Also, he was excited to take a picture of ducks hanging out in the snow!

The overall setups for all rooms were smooth and easy. When everything was dialed in, Harry went to each room and dialed them in just a bit more. It is amazing how the finest adjustment can make all of the difference! But it is more amazing to have people coming to the show who appreciate and enjoy the music. Audio shows have a bad rep for bringing in "tire-kickers", people who talk through the music, visitors who listen for less than a second before getting up and leaving... but not Montreal! Our demonstrations played through entire records because the listeners were enjoying the music and embracing the experience.

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