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Hi-Fi Sales Event

We are very excited about our recent event with Hi-Fi Sales in Cherry Hill New Jersey! This event kicked off the release of the VPI Voyager, and VPI Fatboy tonearm. In addition there were a lot of other VPI goodies for everyone to enjoy. We have had a number of events with Hi-Fi Sales but this was one of the more enjoyable ones, that might be because of the top notch deli sandwiches!

We had a listening session with the Fatboy the previous night in our VPI showroom but wanted to make sure it was still dialed in. The The Fatboy has more adjustabile features and ease than any arm we have made in the past. Having a fine adjustment knob on the counter weight made it a breeze to hit exactly 2.00 which is what the Ortofon A-95 likes to track at. Azimuth can be adjusted using the adjustable side weights, the stabilizer (AKA Dual Pivot), and two set screws we added on the side of the arm to adjust Azimuth even more. Once dialed in we were ready to play.

The main system featured the VPI Titan with Fatboy arm, and mounted Ortofon A-95. The debuting VPI Voyager served as a solid-state phono stage match up driven by Bryston Electronics, Crystal Clear cable, and Focal speakers.

Pictured above is VPI engineer, ADS and Voyager designer Mike Bettinger going through the finer details of his creation and how it works in anyone's system! Retailing at 2,500 USD we are excited about this unit and how well it performs. One album in particular, which has become a female vocal reference, Anne Bisson Trio - Four Seasons in Jazz really brought Ms. Bisson into the room! Though the actual Anne and her personality is more exciting to have in the room, her album was detailed, sweet, and full of life. (Anne feel like dropping by Jersey?)

Hi-Fi Sales also had two other note worthy systems set up covering the gambit of price points. We all love the Titan, but lets be honest! The Titan System at Hi-Fi Sales is a special system and not everyone wishes to have as ambitious a set-up in their own homes. We love being able to achieve quality sound at any price point. The entry level system as you walked into the store was using the VPI Cliffwood, our 900 USD entry level turntable with mounted VPI Green. We received as many compliments for its performance as we did on the Titan, Prime Signature and the two Avengers on display at Hi-Fi Sales.

I have to admit, I never thought I would like the looks of a speaker in yellow, but somehow, the new Focal Kantas driven by Naim electronics makes it work, and makes me consider a matching yellow Cliffwood!

A nice step-up from the Cliffwood system was the 2nd Two Channel Room running a VPI Prime Signature using a periphery ring accessory with Ortofon Quintet Black, Focal Sopra 2 speakers, and Naim electronics. As always, we appreciate the H-Fi Sales team for a great event and presentation and we hope everyone who came had just as much fun as we did!

Hi-Fi Sales even hired a model for the event :p

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