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Capital Audiofest 2017 the "Wright" Stuff!

I'm running through the halls of Capital Audiofest to the rooms that have a VPI table table to offer my assistance and see how far along they were. This is always the toughest part since I have no idea what I'm walking into! It could range from last minute fine tuning to "Mat we were afraid to open the box without you!" I make my way to the Modwright Instruments, Daedalus Audio, and WyWire room knowing they usually bring a lot of gear and will need some muscle. Since I couldn't find any muscle they had to settle with me!

To my surprise I walked into a room singing with music and a group of guys (from the respective companies) kicking back and relaxing while enjoying some music! When you have done as many shows as them, the routine gets nice and easy. At least, they sure make it look easy! The "Made in America" team had the finest wood (thanks to Daedalus) on both the electronics and speakers.

Very fluid and musical with a large sound stage, the system was dialed in from the start and turned into a nice moment to relax for a second and enjoy. They clearly were setup for awhile, the tubes already sounded nice and warmed up. Later on when I returned with the ambiance of the lights down I felt like I could have drifted away in the music and atmosphere of the room.

The Prime Signature with our JMW 3D-10 Reference arm tracked right through the grooves and center stage with the connection of WyWire interconnects. Next time we should get some Daedalus wood to have a full matching system! As usual a pleasure to spin music with the Made in America team.

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