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Presidential Classic Signature

The VPI Classic Signature is chosen as the Presidential gift to the Prime Minister of Australia. It is an honor for our products to be part of our country's diplomacy and representation of American manufacturing.

How did this happen?

A few weeks ago in the middle of the adjustments of having a new baby, we received an email from the White House. We all thought it was a scam! Fortunately, the White House followed up with a phone call. After some behind-the-scenes investigation, we realized it was the real deal.

The potential for presidential purchase was between the Player, Classic Signature, and HW-40. No, I don't have it in me to push anyone into a $22,000 table especially if our tax dollars are involved! The Classic Signature ($6,500) with Goldy cartridge was the perfect option for a robust American-made design. In addition, confirming the Priminister is actually an audiophile, we wanted to make sure it was an appropriate audiophile eck!

We went to work to make the slightly custom 230v Classic Signature with Presidential seal and engraved plate for the Prime Minister. One of the main hurdles was convincing other partners that it was really for the President.

"Mat, we can't use the Presidential seal, it is highly illegal!"

In the end, everyone stepped up to meet the deadline and get this Presidential Classic Signature to its new home. I brought the Prime Minister a Bruce Springsteen record after finding out it was one of the PM's favorite albums. The record also got me a bit closer to the action and learned our turntable was one of the most exciting and enjoyable purchases their team has encountered.

We hope this visit and purchase becomes the first of many and gives all VPI owners a little extra pride in their turntables.

We are honored to serve and represent our country!


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