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The VPI Titan

We have been encouraged for many years now by customers and distributors to really push the limit on our engineering. After our visit to Munich and the strong cases made by the overseas market, a sketch on the plane ride was born. The idea in mind was based off our Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive. We double stacked the chassis and machined a 4-inch-thick (weighing in at roughly 40 pounds) platter being driven by a master magnetic sub-platter. I brought the initial sketch to Harry and from there he refined and moved the needle on the project.

Once meeting with our machinists, it was decided to bring back acclaimed Rim Drive Dual Motor Flywheel. Or, as Harry has been putting it, the “Magneto Rim-drive”. The initial prototype was constructed and demonstrated at our recent VPI training event. At the event were many dealers who own and use our Classic Direct, and Avenger Reference and were blown away by this new table. We had not come up with a name until during the listening session Harry turned and said, this Titan is giving us the best sound! It was agreed by all attending dealers that “Titan” was the perfect name for the table.

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