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The Golden Titan at Iheac 2018

We are very excited to have had our Indonesian Distributor showcasing the Golden VPI Titan at Iheac Show 2018 November 29th - December 2, 2018

The Golden Titan is a finish option that is available at an extended lead time and price. This showcases how the Titan (or other VPI products) can be customized to another finish. Besides the finish, the Titan still reigns as our top level Magnetic-Rim Drive turntable with the diversity to mount multiple arms. It comes standard with your choice of Gimbal or Uni-Pivot Fatboy tonearm, this Golden Titan was fitted with the Fatboy Gimbal.

While we were not physically there, we received lots of positive feedback about the sonic performance. Topped with the visual statement the above room system demonstrated at the Iheac Show we are proud of our Indonesian representation by Pro Audio .

Associated Equipment:

Turntable: VPI Titan in Gold

Cartridge : Ortofon Cadenza Black Pre- Amp : KR Audio P-135MC Power Amp : KR Audio Kronzilla VA-680 Loudspeakers : DeVore Orang Utan O96 / O93 Cables : Ortofon, Audio Note, Voodoo, Viablue Rack : Taoc CSR Accessories : ISOL-8 , KS Acoustic

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